Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Come and Join Me!

Mismatched Bookend Tours is a company that will showcase your book for you. If you are an author who is interested, please email me at I would be happy to talk to you and/or send you information. Mismatched Bookend Tours is also the continuation of a great award winning blog that got deleted. If you are already familiar with my old blog - Mismatched Bookends - then you know what to expect from me. I am excited to start over and I already see an old friend left a message. It was great to see that. I know people that have lost blogs and it is is heartbreaking. I also know authors that have lost chapters of their books if not a whole book they have written (true story). The computer and internet is wonderful accept when that is what you do for a living and it stops working or there is an error that cannot be fixed. That aside, I am going to, as I said yesterday, provide what I have provided before. Lots of information and fun thing to do with and for books, readers, and authors. I am currently not reading a book so if you have a suggestion, please let me know. I am going to write a review here (and other places) but I would like to recommend two books I recently read. The first book is called Her by Felicia Johnson. It is a wonderful book, very gripping and with amazing characters, about a teenager who tries to comit suicide and winds up in a mental hospital. It may sound base, but I have not read a book like this before. A lot of emotion came up whlie reading it which is, to me, what makes it worth reading. This writer knows how to write. (I was going to put the cover but I am having problems sorry) The other book I read was The Madder Hatter by Cassandra Kemper. It is about the son of the Mad Hatter from Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. I love when and author twists a fairy tale. This was well done and there is a sequel that I am excited about. So if this sounds appealing it is! Give it a try. I am going to probably finsih reading a book I was supposed read a long time ago. It is a sequel to a book I loved a lot and am going to do the book two cover reveal here on my blog as well as the book one book blitz. So keep an eye out for that. So that is what is going on today. I know there is more book news and I will be bringing it to you. I am also going to fill up my calander again with book blitzes from other companies. I know a lot of my fans enjoyed the book tours, book blitzes, and cover reveals. Not to mention the giveaways. Speaking of, if I have any of my old fans back, and you won a contest with me and never recieved your book, either comment here or write me at I have to mention I have seen some wonderful movies lately. Older movies (ie 40's and 50's)I know one of them was based on a book and one based on a play. I always like to read the book first but I had been waiting a while to catch these movies and my DVR was filled to capacity. So I did not really have the leisure of waiting to find and read the book. It is very interesting to me that even back then they were making movies out of books. On last exciting thing. I am going to ComicCon for my second year in a row. I will be there on Saturday. I will be going to the one in New York since I live in New Jersey. I love reading comic books and if you know my old blog, you know I have reviewed comic books. I also got books that were pre-releases at ComicCon last year. They were all good. I hope I can get more free books this year. I hope to make more panels this year. I hope to have pics to post. So let me know if you are going! I hope everyone is having a wonderful day! Happy Reading :) p.s. You can find me on Twitter at Mollydee55 and for my books Mismatchedbook. Facebook you can find me on Mismatchedbookendtours. I cannot get on Facebook now and as with most sites you cannot write ANYONE directly to get help with your problem. But because of my shoulder I have not kept up on that site. I have some recent tweets. All of my links will be on my blog soon. I just wanted you to have them.

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