Sunday, September 28, 2014

Books and Nostalgia

So I was helping my husband out in the yard yesterday after going to a bunch of garage sales with him. (I did not find any books but we got a great winter picture and some old mugs which my husband collects plus a boardgame.) He needed my help in the yard but with my torn rotator cuff I could not do much. He said I could help by going through a bunch of bins he found in the attic over our bedroom (we have two attics, both very small).

In the fist bin was every letter, notecard, postcard, birthday card, etc written to me by my best friend Kerri. That was fun to go through. It made me smile. Gave me such a warm feeling. She moved away. She is still on the east coast. My husband and I plan to visit (if she lets me lol!). I miss her so very much.

I had four boxes to go through. In the very last box I found a few books. So here we go: The original copy of "James and the Giant Peach Tree" by Roald Dahl in not so great condition on the outside but the inside is fine. One original copy of "Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory" also by Roald Dahl in very good condtion. My uncle who was a marine at the time and stationed in Alaska, always mailed me the coolest items from wherever he was stationed. But since I was little I was an avid reader so he would send me a lot of books. So finding these brought back great memories. I will never forget my first time reading these books.

I also found some I guess tween or maybe teen books. I was not familiar with two of them but one I was very familiar with was a 1985 book from the "Sweet Valley High" series called Crash Landing. Although I do not remember the book, I remember the bunch of books in the Sweet Valley High series. The author is Kate William. I smiled as I warmly remembered reading the Sweet Valley High books. I guess today they would be considered YA. The book is in good condition.
As far as more nostalgia, I have looked through both attics so there are no more books. Well there was a Miss Piggy book about how to be fabulous (best book ever! I ADORE Miss Piggy!). Nothing out in the shed either. We have one more shed with things of mine in bins but if there are books there they would be nursing books. So thank you for letting me share this walk down memory lane with you.

Has anyone ever found an old book that they remember and that brought back wonderful memories? Post a comment I would love to know!

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  1. Almost a year ago I moved out of my parent's house. Every once in a while I'll go over and look in my old bedroom, seeing if there is anything else I want to grab and take with me.
    A few weeks ago, I found my copy of 'The Velveteen Rabbit'; the version with illustrations by Michael Green. This was my favorite book reading when I grew up even though I didn't read it as much as the others. But the story hits me close to home. So finding that and being able to put it on my bookshelf in my own home is just an amazing feeling.