Sunday, September 21, 2014

Colin Cowherd and ComicCon

I was watching the Steelers game tonight and I remembered out of nowhere that I won Colin Cowherd's book. I am going to dig it out and read it. I am excited. When I got the book my husband made fun of me. I LOVE football and do not mind listening to sports shows on my local channel. For example I love Mike and Mike in the morning. Most subject always have a book to go with it. I think I have to read some tour books but I am going to dig out that book I won out and will keep you posted. Any sports fans out there? Let me know! And let me know if you know Colin Cowherd.

I have a lot of plans for book tours that I will be doing myself. If you read my old blog you will remember that I had 1-4 tours a day that I did for other companies. Then a great friend of mine pointed out since I know how to do tours so well that I should start my own business. And I did. So keep an eye out for tours and giveaways. I am going to get back into doing tours for other companies as long as there is no conflict of interest. I love to help out. And I love to bring my reading audience new books to check out.

Come back tomorrow. I think I will try my hand again at drabbles. FUN!

Oh by the way - I am going to NYComicCon on 10/11. Because of my MS I can only make it one day. I am hoping things will change next year because I am missing a lot on Friday especially. I came away with two free books and lots of comic books that I loved last year. I used the app on my phone to plan out my day this year plus I am writing everything on an index card in case I am out of range. I already wrote down the booths that are giving away advance copies of books  YIPEE and JACKPOT!! Some of them you have to be the first say 100 people. But most you just get a free book. I hope I have the luck I had last year.

And off the subject of books but on the subject of ComicCon, wish me luck. I have a Superman shirt I wore last year but it is Soooo hot in the Javitz center. I wound up buying a Walkind Dead tank top. I don't like tanks so I ordered some shirts from the same place I got my Superman shirts, no luck. I am washing them everyday so they soften up. But I just found the ReedPop site and they had a v-neck shirt (Dr Who) and an 80's  style off the shoulder (I think Walking Dead). So they look thin and comfy. The Superman shirts are like any mass produced shirt and have a circular neckline. I feel like I am choking in those. I own mostly v-neck shirts or shirts that are cut low. So I ordered the above mentioned shirts and wish me luck that they are lightweight and at least one fits.

I will tell you more about ComicCon as I find out info. Any readers on the East Coast going to the NY ComicCon? What day or days are you going? Let me know!

Time for bed. No reading tired.

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